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You hear it and see it everywhere – climate change, environmental concerns, and the green movement. Most of us know that we need to be more aware of our environment and the footprint we leave on this earth, but the problems seem so immense and overwhelming it is hard to know where to start.

My “ah-ha” moment occurred while standing in line at the grocery store with my reusable bags. I watched as people checked out, carrying 8-10 plastic bags each, knowing that I could fit the same products in my 2-3 reusable bags easily (with no plastic bags to throw away, recycle, or find some creative use for). It also amused me that the check-out clerk didn’t quite know how to handle or pack a reusable bag. Ah-ha! It struck me that one person can make a difference and that it would just take some education. One person at a time, we can make an impact!

I decided to start a green home party business with products that are affordable, easy to work into your everyday routine, make a positive impact on our environment – and provide some education and fun in the process.

It’s all about making conscious choices and reaping the benefits.

Conscious Choices + Living Well That’s our philosophy at Green Goods for the Home and we hope to pass that on to you.


Sharon Hicks
Owner & Founder
Ph: 515.309.2196
Fax: 866.443.5062

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