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Prairie Eco Pak

Prairie Eco Pak…

Earth-Friendly packaging you can feel good about.

PrairieEcoPakTM has been tested and approved by UPS and the prestigious Michigan State University School of Packaging.

Air Sealers Institute of America

Air Sealers Institute of America…

Promoting the Heating and Cooling Conservation Technology

Air Sealing is simply closing holes, cracks, and gaps where air can pass into or out of your home. Blocking and sealing air leaks is critical to the overall efficiency of your home. Air Sealing will make your current insulation, windows, furnace and air conditioner perform more efficiently.

Innovative Kinetics

Innovative Kinetics…

Innovative Kinetics, a company dedicated to finding new ways to take potential energy and put it in motion or make it kinetic energy we can use.

Stop renting your power and invest in natural resources. Eventually you will own your own power production means; the rest is as nature intended.

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