Did You Know?
One thing can make a difference

Easy, small things that we can change in our everyday life that will make difference in a healthier lifestyle and be good for the planet. Make it easy for yourself and just take it one step at a time.

Did you know?


  • By maintaining a constant speed while driving and you can increase fuel economy by 33%?
  • That if you eliminate just one 20 minute round trip in your car you’ll keep 1,000 pounds of carbon out of the air?
  • By checking your car’s air filter regularly you’ll save on average 800 pounds of carbon and over $100 per year.


  • That every time you open your oven while it is on you lose 25-50 degrees? Which means you not only have to use more energy to reheat, you also move more hot air into your kitchen.
  • By turning the thermostat in your home up two degrees in the summer and down two degree in the winter, you’ll save a ton of carbon over the course of a year.
  • If you shut off your computer or laptop every night you’ll save around $90 in electricity and a little carbon.
  • That compact fluorescent bulbs last 10 times longer and only use a quarter of the energy of regular incandescent light bulbs?
  • That across the country TVs, VCRs and other entertainment center plug-ins that are “turned off” cost us almost a billion dollars a year in electricity. Power strips or unplugging will help cut carbon output and your electricity bills.

Healthier Home…

  • That most traditional cleaners are full of toxins? Use a natural non-toxic cleaner and your home will have better indoor air quality.
  • That in one day the sun provides more energy than our population could use in 27 year? If you can make the switch (even partially) to solar…it’s free!
  • That most traditional house paints are put out Volatile Organic Compounds that are toxic? Use a low VOC or non-toxic paint in your home, makes breathing easier.


  • That every day in the U.S. we send around 30 million plastic bottles to landfills? Use a refillable water bottle whenever possible or filtered water in your home.
  • When walking your dog use a biodegradable plastic bag to pick up after him…regular ones can take up to 100 years to decompose.
  • Every day on average we each throw away about four and a half pounds of garbage every day? And a lot of it is recyclable or reusable so when possible, donate instead of dump.
  • That every year we use enough Styrofoam cups to circle the earth 436 times? Just say no to Styrofoam and use a refillable mug.
  • That every year we throw away almost 2 billion disposable razors and blades? Whenever possible buy reusable and/or refillable products…keeps materials out of landfills.


  • That your garden hose can put out as much as 5 gallons of water per minute?
  • Installing water saving faucet aerators and low flow showerheads and easily save over 7,000 gallons of water per year in the average family home.
  • By fixing a leaky toilet you may save around 5,000 gallons of water a year?
  • If you install a water filter on your kitchen faucet that will give you about 40,000 8-ounce glasses of tap water.
  • That low flow toilets use half the amount of water? And still do the job right so don’t flush money or extra water down the toilet.
  • That each year on average a person gets 34 pounds of junk mail? If 100,000 people stopped their junk mail we would save about 150,000 trees per year.

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